Since the dawn of civilization, timber is what separated us from the elements.

Trees are carefully chosen, harvested, and milled with technical precision. The structure is designed with a deep understanding and practical knowledge, and then built by skilled craftsmen.

It’s no different today than it was hundreds of years ago. Now, we just do it with better tools.

Well built timber framed structures have remained functional, lived in, family homes for more than a thousand years. A well built timber frame home that is constructed today, could easily last another thousand years. The oldest timber frame home in North America is the Fairbanks. It is a home that has served eight generations of the same family, under the same roof, since 1637.

In the present day, we don’t often expect families to live in a home for decades, let alone centuries. But we’ll build your home so that you can, if you want to.

We combine traditional aesthetics, with advanced drafting and design technology, to achieve the pinnacle of modern timber framing.

We offer complete home packages, in turnkey prefab, or true custom; from your imagination to the real world. As part of our production catalogue, we have built grand, technically challenging staircases and entry features. We have built hand crafted beams and mantelpieces. And every fitting and fixture you can imagine, for the structure, interior, and exterior of the home.

Is your dream to live in the welcoming warmth of a space surrounded by the product of a living forest? Let us show you how to make it a reality.

Although we learned how to build timber frame homes the traditional way, today those methods have been replaced with modern methods such as sophisticated software, state-of-the-art tools, and complex machinery.

Each joint is carefully cut and hand-finished to ensure a perfect, tight fit. The strength and durability of this type of wood joinery is as impressive as the finished look. Where engineering requires steel reinforcement, we have the option of exposing steel hardware or concealing it inside the joinery, dependent on style preferences.

Our custom timber frame packages reflect a level of quality spawned from the European heritage of our trade. We carry on the tradition of old-world craftsman-ship in each project we complete. In every aspect of the design, materials selected, manufacturing process, and delivery, you can be assured that our attention to detail and care in construction is the best in the industry.

Located in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, we have access to the best supply of wood. The combination of wood quality and workmanship ensures that your timber frame will look as good in 20 years as it did the day it was built.

Timber Application
Cosmetic: Timbers can be used in a strictly cosmetic application, to give your home the look and feel of timber frame, on a conventionally framed structure.

Hybrid: A blend of conventional and timber framing, this option offers the best of both worlds, and can have the effect of a full timber structure on a modest budget. Pick and choose where you want timber in your home. A structural roof can be combined with conventionally framed walls and timber highlights for a breathtaking final effect.

Fully Structural: For the purist, the main structure is framed in solid timber. A perfect blend of quality and beauty.