Scotland launches Hydrogen home heating trials.

“SGN – which manages the gas network for 5.9 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the South of England – said it would have the green light to build a 100 per cent zero carbon hydrogen network, with the H2 gas produced via electrolysis powered by an offshore wind turbine.”

This is an incredible initiative, with all the hallmarks of a forward thinking, environmentally friendly, long term source of energy providing service to homes across the UK. It is a step in the right direction. And it’s worth pursuing.

But it’s feeding all of that clean, green energy into homes which can be losing up to 50% of that heat value. Every bit of heat that is generated with that fancy, expensive, hard fought power is lost through poor construction, substandard insulation, shoddy installation, and cheap materials.

All of that effort, time, money, and conviction spent on actually trying to make a more efficient, safe, clean world… is wasted.

What if, every day, you made yourself two pieces of toast for breakfast, ate one, and threw the other in the garbage.

How would that feel the first time you did it? Would it be satisfying? Would it make you feel better about the world? Could it possibly feel good, every time you bought a loaf of bread, knowing that you were going to throw away half of it?

So why are you buying a house, that no matter how green the energy is you’re putting into it, you’re paying to throw half of it away?

Thinking green means putting thought into how we can create energy, better. But it also means thinking about how we use the energy that we make.

In traditional construction, green energy is meaningless when the savings in creating the heat quite literally just leaks out of the building.

With certified passive house construction, you can be absolutely certain that every dollar you spend on heat, stays in the building. Warming you, your heart, and your wallet.

Ben Beveridge
Heyde Haus
Business Development