Your home is your refuge. Make sure it’s protecting you the way it should be.

EMF radiation, air quality, mold and mycotoxins, and water quality are some of the basic considerations when thinking about the health and safety of your living environment.

By planning for these concerns in the design process, it becomes extremely efficient and effective to build with these solutions in mind.

It’s amazing what people live with, when they can’t see it. And even though you can’t see what’s causing the problem, the result might be headaches, or nausea, loss of attention and focus, skin irritations and organ damage.

You are only able to resolve these challenges with rigorous testing and analysis, and a deep understanding of how to mitigate the issues, in a way that leaves the living system and structure of the home clean, clear, and healthy.

Until recently, no one thought about their homes as a potential health hazard. There is a common perception that unhealthy houses and “sick building syndrome” are a byproduct of modern hi-tech construction methods and materials and to some degree this is true. But the problem has been around ever since humans started building houses.

Our focus begins with the indoor air quality, and the careful selection of building materials. Many conventional construction products emit harmful vapours, including formaldehyde, phthalates, PBDE’s and VOCs.

Our methods have shown to dramatically reduce the incidence of respiratory illness triggered by exposure to household dust and chemical residues present in carpeting, furniture, and other home products.