Heyde Haus was created in 2013 by Uwe Heyde.

Uwe is a Master Builder, Passive House Consultant, Energy Advisor, Certified Carpenter and Timber Framer. He is passionate about all things related to designing and building beautiful, sustainable, and healthy homes.

The Heyde Haus team is committed to maintaining world-class standards in our design and manufacturing processes. Our methods of building off-site, in a controlled environment, with passive house methods, is both intuitive and attainable. These green building methods allow Canadians to live in their home, without the cost of gas or excessive electrical bills.

This is possible, even when the temperature outside is below zero, as we apply a super-insulated building envelope (including the roof), creating a healthy and high-efficiency home, capable of capturing the sunlight as its heat source.

Leadership: We leave this land much better than we found it.

Knowledge: We work to heighten the understanding, and popularity, of energy efficient methods, by sharing our experience and knowledge.

Passion: We are driven by our passion to serve the environment, ensuring a better future for generations to come.

Collaboration: We celebrate being able to work as a team with our clients and strategic partners to find the best solutions, every single time.

Innovation: We look at each client as a new opportunity to apply our collective knowledge, and build an exceptional space, for every client, on every project.

The Heyde Haus promise, is our commitment to the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility.